Sep 08, 2016

Moffat Beach Brewing Co.

7.00 – 9.00 pm

Sep 13, 2016

Big Screen Cinemas

7.00 – 9.00 pm

Finless Theatrical PosterSince the creation of skimboarding in the 1960’s, the sport has yet to be globally seen as being serious and competitive.

Skimboarding has developed from its original conception of simply sliding across wet sand on a round piece of plywood to something altogether different.

The innovation of using a finless surfboard has allowed the sport to morph into a hybrid skill akin to a cross between surfing and skateboarding.

The absence of a fin on the surfboard allows for techniques and moves that are not possible on either a surfboard or skateboard alone.

From dropping a board on the shore of the beach to sliding out, wrapping a wave, and riding it as if you were surfing, the sport is growing drastically and developing intricacy that has yet to be highly recognized.

This wonderful short film shows the skills that are required to adopt this unique sport and how it’s practitioners are prepared to push the envelope into frontiers previously unforeseen such as big wave surfing.