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Camino Skies

9 August 2019 at 9:00:00 am

Big Screen Cinemas Caloundra


On Friday the 9th August we will be presenting the Sunshine Coast Premiere of a very special film indeed: Camino Skies (New Zealand)  We will also have one of the film makers, Noel Smyth on deck to meet and greet and Q&A. We will bring an interpreter. It’s your chance to walk the red tiles and rub up against a future Oscar winner. We hope. 


Camino Skies is already an award winning movie about life, love and loss on the Camino de Santiago. It’s a truly inspirational film for all ages and will appeal to many in our audience as it’s the journey of 6 antipodean pilgrims between the ages of 50 and 80 who take on the challenge of a lifetime.


For all you heathens who don’t know, the Camino is the famous 800km Spanish walk otherwise known as the Way of Saint James. Associated as it is with religion, it is also now one of the most popular treks in the world for people of any/no faith. It’s majestic and beautiful, spoilt only by bike riders who now insist on doing it too. Ring your bell!  


If a stroll to the front lawn to pick up the morning paper sometimes seems a bit much, think of the odds these six utterly engaging trekkers take on as they take on the Camino. As they push themselves to their physical limits, the walk becomes both cathartic and revelatory as they also come to terms with personal loss. 


Shot over 42 days, Camino Skies is uplifting, heartbreaking and has enough droll humour along the way to take it to another level of film. It’s everyday people doing the extraordinary in an amazing part of the world and we’re pleased to be able to present it as a Premiere. 




Fergus Grady, Noel Smyth


Camino Skies
Camino Skies
Camino Skies
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